Dog Day, Every Day! offers spa services to our clients. That way Fido can get his beauty treatments without an extra trip to the groomer.

Services include:

Baths: which include blow dry and brush 

Bath add on’s

Shed-Less Treatment  Our shed-less treatment removes loose hair to lessen shedding. It involves a technique we use during the course of your dogs bath that removes excess hair. It’s a trade secret

Shed-less Package Our Shed-less package combines our famous shed-less treatment along with 15 minutes of brushing with the patented FURminator tool. This reduces shedding up to 90%

Blueberry Facial: Your animal companion deserves the best, so why not pamper your dog with a facial. A Blueberry Facial can be added on to any bath, it cleans and brightens their fur while we gently massage your dogs face. That combined with the blueberry scent make it a very relaxing experience for your dog.


Pawdicures : Our pawdicures include trimming the nail then dremeling to a smooth finish. No more jagged nails.

Prices are based on dogs weight, check with your center for pricing and appointments