Dog Day, Every Day! provides both full and part time doggy daycare services. We create a positive and safe environment for dogs to explore their natural instinct as a pack animal. Sniffing, wrestling, chewing, and slobbering, just dogs being dogs. Whether they just enjoy watching the other dogs engage or they are in the thick of it, it promotes proper socialization skills and dog speak i.e. dog manners. Our large open play spaces are conducive to high energy stimulation and quiet play. Dogs are always supervised by a trained staff member to stop any inappropriate behaviors and redirect their attention in a positive manner

Upon arrival at Dog Day, Every Day! a caregiver welcomes each dog and parent, and obtains any special instructions such as lunch, medication, spa services, or different pick up person.

During early evening play begins to wind down paws are wiped and hair brushed as needed. Dogs are tired from their day at play and begin to watch for Moms and Dads to arrive.

As an added convenience Dog Day, Every Day! offers Spa Services while dogs are here for daycare, saving mom and dad the added trip to the groomer.


Spa Services


Baths which include blow dry and brush out

Shed-Less Treatment which includes a bath along with a special process that removes loose fur from your dogs coat.

Shed-less Package which includes our shed-less treatment in addition to 10-15 minutes worth of FURmination.

Pawdicures which include trimming the nail then dremeling to a smooth finish


Prices are based on dog weight, check with your center for pricing and appointments