• I checked out 6-8 daycares for my baby, I love so much. Well guess what, this is the best. Sue and staff are wonderful.
    *Crystal Ulrich
  • We took our 7 month old pup Chandon to spend the day at the West Chester location. He must have had such an awesome time because as soon as we got in the car he fell asleep in my arms. It was nice to have a tired out pup in the evening. My husband and I thought everyone was so nice and understanding of first time pup parents.
    * Manna Vandike
  • Spike loves visiting DDED West Chester when we are visiting from Memphis!
    *S. D. Adams
  • Beechmont DDED is a life-saver for us and our lovable maniac Hugo.
    *Sarah Kohrmann
  • My dogs love this place! When we first moved here my dogs went to another day care, they were not very happy there. Now they love going to day care, we call it “school”. You ask if they are ready to go to school and they go running for the car! I feel very safe leaving my dogs with them overnight and know they will treat them as their own. Even my shy Whippet mix loves to go!
    *Merideth DiBacco-ready
  • So impressed with this company! We have only been going once a week, but EVERYONE we have met and encountered there is exceptional! I smile every time I enter and leave their doors. They make me feel like my puppy is loved when she is there! If you’re thinking about trying it, do it! We are very happy!
    *Tonya Goldbach
  • I recently dropped my 3 ½ month old puppy Jagger off at Beechmont for 5 days. I was worried that he may be too young. The staff really made our visit special. I called and they gave me updates, fell in love with Jagger, and took such great care of him! Jagger was so happy when I picked him up! Really love this place and cannot wait to take him back! Thanks to all the fantastic staff!
    *Mary Hieke Dannenberg
  • Gus and Ruby have been at Beechmont from Day 1, they love it and a tired dog is a good dog. I couldn’t ask for better people to care for the dogs.
    *Brian Wildman
  • My dogs Porter and Silas LOVE going to daycare!!! I wish they could go everyday!
    *Kim Shepler
  • Atomic loves this place! The people are fantastic!!
    *Dawn Palazotto
  • Between my kids and I we own a total of 9 dogs and they all go here, to both locations. We love the staff and attitude of DDED doggy daycare. I am VERY PICKY about this as my dog is a SERVICE dog. We have big (boxer, standard poodles, lab) and little (bichon, shihtzu, schnauzer) The DDED staff will help with meals/snacks/meds/brushing/manners and anything they can to help your dog have a good time. They are careful with introductions, monitoring play and cleaning up. You can watch through a window in the lobby. (There are no cameras, but once you spend some time watching through the window, and get to know the staff, you will go away and leave your baby without fear). Our dogs all go through the door and greet staff excitedly at every drop off. Though they are happy to see you at the end of the day- they always act like they would go right back in. None of our dogs have ever shown any fear or hesitation about daycare when they come here, they are happy and tired. Sometimes we go one day a week, sometimes more, the price goes Down the more days you go! That helps, but the price is equal or less than others to begin with anyway. They can bath your dog. THE STAFF IS WONDERFUL!!! This is well monitored (staff are IN the room with the dogs and carry water bottles just in case) they play with the dogs. There is a small dog area for little ones that need to be away from the big ones. Couches, ramps and other equipment is available, space to run. Water and an outside area with a baby pool to play in during warm weather. OUR DOGS ARE, I ADMIT IT, OUR BABIES, BOTH LOCATIONS EXCELLENT, OWNER IS ON SITE OFTEN AND THEY KNOW YOUR DOG.
    *Katy M.
  • When my fiancee’ (now my wife) and I bought a house, the first thing I wanted to do was get a dog. I had dogs in the past, and enjoyed the companionship they brought to my life. We adopted from the fine folks at The League for Animal Welfare (www.lfaw.org ) and brought our pup Roscoe home. Unlike other dogs I had been around in my lifetime, he was a HANDFUL!
    We would take him for at least two 30 minute walks a day and play with him a bit in the house as well in order to try and burn his energy, but it didn’t seem to help. He still ran around with anything he could get his teeth on in order to get more attention. Socks, toilet paper, boxes, pants, even bath mats were trotted down the hall unceremoniously.
    The term daycare seems to be a term you would apply to a place you take your children and, with much naivete’, I lumped it in the same category as bows in my dogs hair or dressing them up in raincoats and galoshes when they go outside (although both my dogs do now own Halloween costumes…)
    This, friends, is not the case.
    Dog Day, Every Day! has become indispensable in our household. We use it at least once a week. Roscoe goes to Dog Day and spends about 12 hours there playing with other dogs. Since he has more energy than most of the dogs there, they sometimes will let him run on the doggy treadmill, when the weather is nice, outside to play in the hose/pet pool. When he comes home he eats dinner then sleeps. He doesn’t whine for attention, he doesn’t parade around with our socks, he doesn’t beg for our dinner (well, not usually), he simply lays out on the couch.
    My wife and I now have a second dog, Bandit. While Bandit’s demeanor is much more laid back than Roscoe’s, we occasionally take him as well. Both dogs have learned to associate the word daycare with a positive experience, and both get very excited when they hear the term.
    The staff at Dog Day is great. Owner Suzanne Zimmerman seems to be there at least one shift every day, is very personable, and always willing to take time to talk specifically about your dog. The rest of the staff is warm and friendly as well.
    Dog Day isn’t only a reprieve for us from our dogs vigor, but also is a good place for them to get a chance to become comfortable with other dogs (on a busy day there can be upwards of 60 dogs for them to interact with) and get plenty of exercise that we just don’t usually have time for.
    *Ryan V.