Our Staff

Suzanne Zimmerman


Proud Mom of a Pomeranian Mix named “Lil Stinki Dinki Pinki” (Pink for short)

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Dawn Donaldson

Beechmont Location: Manager

Dog Mom & Min Pin FANATIC! I have 5, Dobby, Pebbles, Luna, Kirby, & Quinn. Married 26 years with 3 children & 3 Grand Children

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Angela Dunlap

West Chester Manager

Proud Mom to a Bassett Hound named Stanley

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George Zimmerman

Beechmont Location: Part time Groomer, Part time Handy Man, Full time Husband to Suzanne

Proud Dad of a Golden Retriever named Millie and a Doberman named Max

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Rebecca Brown

Beechmont Location: Dog Handler

Proud Mom to 4 Fur Babies, Lily (a Boxer), Willow ( a min pin beagle mix) Jax & Diesel (Min pins)

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