Simple cold weather tips for dogs

Posted by Dawn Donaldson

Even though we’d all appreciate warmer weather, we do love seeing all the cute and creative winter wear on canines this time of year! Seeing your pups covered up so lovingly brings warmth to our hearts, knowing they are being cared for. Because we care for your dogs too, we wanted to share some simple cold weather tips for dogs.

Observe your dog in cold weather

Every dog is different and we’re sure you’d agree yours is no exception. It’s not as simple as taking the temperature into consideration when deciding how long to keep your dog outside. The wind chill factor and if it’s wet, icy or snowy matters, too. Another factor is your dog. Is he a puppy or elderly? Does she have any health conditions to consider?

Arthritis and hip dysplasia are worse in cold weather for dogs, too. Is your dog large with thick hair or is she a small, short-haired cutie? Here’s a more detailed guide created by a veterinarian with tips for how long each breed should typically be outside. If you notice your dog shivering, limping, raising a paw or just plain too stubborn to stay outside, then it’s a solid sign they’re too cold.

Winter paw care

We’d prefer to prevent any signs of discomfort for our furry ones so it’s best to keep their nails trimmed. This will keep their paw pads from spreading further apart during walks, thereby preventing more salt and snow from creeping into the crevices. Furthermore, dogs lose a lot of heat through their paws so keeping them snug as a bug will help. In addition, it’s best to keep excess paw hair trimmed. Long hair between paw pads collect more salt and ice. Just imagine ice balls forming between your toes! Make your life easier with professional spa paw care at Dog Day, Every Day!

If your dog won’t walk in or keep those adorable booties on, a great alternative is using a balm for their paws. This helps keep the heat in and helps keep their paw pads from cracking.Also, be sure to wipe their paws with a warm cloth after every walk so they don’t ingest salt meant to treat the sidewalks.

Above all, be proactive and observant when it comes to cold weather and your pets. If you prefer to skip the cold winter walks, enroll him or her at Dog Day, Every Day! for plenty of stimulation and exercise. Call 513-860-DOGS and we’ll warm their hearts with love and attention!

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