Posted by Dawn Donaldson

It’s easy to know what our dogs want for the holidays, but is it easy to know what gifts he would buy for you if he could? We asked people if your dog could shop, what holiday gifts do you think you’d receive. Here are some of our favorite answers!

1. TOYS! This is by far the most popular answer. Your dog might enjoy a tennis ball while others like stuffed toys or ropes. So it’s easy to imagine what brings Fido joy would bring us joy, coming from his eyes. Playing with toys means quality time with us, so it’s not that far-fetched that toys would be the perfect gift for human and canine alike.

2. New walking/running shoes Chances are your dog loves to take walks or run with you, and has probably heard you complain about your feet or back hurting after walking. It makes great sense that we heard this answer fairly often.

3. Big Fluffy Blanket Most dogs love to curl up on a big furry blanket but even more so, they love to curl up on one with you! What better gift than one that inspires more cuddle time and a comfy place to roll over for those belly rubs, right?

4. Lottery Ticket Another gift idea we might receive from our four-legged best friends and that we absolutely loved was a lottery ticket. Just think, if it was a winning ticket and you quit your job to travel endlessly, your dog wins, too! Endless exploration and adventure? Meeting new friends across the globe? Spending every day, ALL day with her BFF in the whole world? Wolf, wolf, wolf!!!

5. Most Creative This brings us to our most favorite suggestion of all because this survey participant really thought out of the box. Drum roll, please? How about pots and pans with holes in the bottom of them? Every time chef Mom or Dad cooks, guess who gets to be right by his or her side in the kitchen, helping to clean up!

We think it’s safe to say Fido would be a very thoughtful giver of gifts if he could! This calls for a thoughtful gift in return, of course. A day being pampered by your dog’s friends at Dog Day, Every Day! makes for a perfect gift! Contact us today to schedule your appointment!

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