Spring Flings with Your Dog!

Posted by Dawn Donaldson

Dogs approach life with the enthusiasm of the zestiest of our human daredevils. Any outing, drive in the car or simple walk along the street is filled with the possibility of adventure. Since dogs will always have that outlook, let's see how you match up with your daredevil pup. Our example begins with a typical drive to a typical hiking trail in the great outdoors:

Safety First

He'll appreciate your regard for his safety and comfort. Think of what sort of day it is in the morning and plan accordingly. If the day is extra warm for the spring, start your adventure as early as possible. Bring plenty of water for your pal and yourself, along with a simple first aid kit. With those necessities out of the way, it's full speed ahead on to a fun run!

Running Supercharges The Adventure

Running off leash forms the best part of your pet's adventure. No longer will he need to jolt to a stop at the end of your yard. As you trot alongside as best you can, take a moment to admire his athleticism and zest for life. It's inspiring to you both when you enjoy each other's company to the utmost. He may not be able to talk, but you'll see the appreciation in his eyes. After discovering that perfect park or hiking trail to let it all hang out, you'll guarantee outing after outing of daredevil adventures.

Even Daredevils Recharge Their Batteries

Spring flings always begin with blowing off steam and by the time of needing a second wind, you and your daredevil companion deserve a space to pant and get your breath back. Feel the spring breezes in your hair and fur, observe newly sprouted blades of grass among the patches of mud and admire the early spring flower buds. Before long, you'll be ready for more exploration alongside your faithful partner.

There's Nothing Like Mud

A spring outing is incomplete without the joys of mud. Toss aside your inhibitions and frolic in the mud puddles leftover from winter's recent rain and snow. The messy results are just fine because you thought to bring along extra clothing as well as shoes, right? And towels for your dog as well as a comb for getting out weed stickers? That's all one needs to go nuts in the mud with no regrets.

Make Spring Flings the Norm Instead of the Exception

Muddy and happy, you head for the nearest tap to rinse off the largest bits of mud from him and from you. Tired and content, you two daredevils head for home. As you gaze at your doggy sprawled on the car seat, you know you have matched his zest for life and want more days like this for him.

We here at Dog Day, Every Day share your enthusiasm for your dog. Call us now at (513) 860-DOGS to learn more about the awesome doggy environment we provide so your pet can have super fun spring days even when you aren’t able to get away from work.


We hope you had a wonderful Easter! It’s always nice to have a spring day to spend with loved ones. While there are lots of good things that can be said about Easter, we do want to share a few important pieces of information about keeping your dog safe from leftover Easter Chocolate and Lilies.

Be Conscious of All the Easter Candy Around Your Home

Between Easter eggs and Easter baskets, chances are there’s a lot of candy sitting around your home. Although it’s definitely fun to have sweet treats in the weeks after Easter, just remember that candy isn’t a good thing for every member of your household. Dogs definitely can’t eat any kind of chocolate candy. And even though most dog owners already know that, it’s easy to forget how motivated a dog can be to get into something like an Easter basket full of candy.

According to the Pet Poison Hotline, calls about dogs eating chocolate go up by a full 200% during the week following Easter! Since Easter candy does result in so many dog owners finding themselves in a scary situation, be extra sure that candy is stored in a secure location where there’s no chances of a dog jumping or pawing its way to the candy.

If you want to keep the spirit of Easter alive in your home by keeping out Easter baskets or eggs, all you need to do is take the candy out and store it somewhere safe. Then you can enjoy your decorative Easter items for a while longer without putting your dog in any kind of risk.

Easter Lilies Can Be Dangerous As Well

While most dog owners already know about the dangers of chocolate, one source of danger that isn’t as well known is Easter lilies. There are several species of lilies that can be dangerous to dogs. Other types of lilies that can put dogs in danger are Asiatic, Day and Tiger lilies. Although studies have shown that cats are often more susceptible to the symptoms of lily poisoning, dogs are still at risk.

What happens if a dog licks or eats certain types of lilies? Dehydration, vomiting, lethargy, appetite loss and disorientation are common symptoms. In more serious cases, lily poisoning can cause seizures or even kidney failure.

Have Peace of Mind When You’re Away From Home

Now that we’ve passed Easter and spring is officially setting in, you may be planning some trips. If you’re concerned because you won’t be able to take your dog on any of these trips, you’ll be happy to know that in addition to our standard day care services, we also offer 24-hour care. Call Dog Day, Every Day today for availability at 513-860-DOGS.