Medical Tips for Your Dog

Posted by Dawn Donaldson

Medical Tips for your dog

Our dogs are our best friends. Whether it’s greeting us when we come home after a long day or snuggling with us on the couch, they’re there for us. Here at Dog Day, Every Day! we believe that part of keeping our canine companions happy is to keep them in tip-top shape, that’s why we wanted to share these medical tips for your dog.

Healthy Living Starts with Eating Right

Did you know that one ounce of cheese fed to a 20-pound dog is the caloric equivalent of a person eating two hamburgers? That’s why it’s important your dog snacks smart and is given a balanced and nutritious diet. Eating well means more than just a shiny coat and healthy skin, it can also lead to a stronger immune system, a healthier digestive tract, and stronger joints and muscles. It can also help make sure your dog maintains a healthy weight.

Watching Their Weight

Your dog’s weight plays an important role in their well-being, so it’s important to make sure they stay within a healthy weight range. Over time, obesity can lead to a number of health issues for your pet including joint, heart, liver and respiratory disease. Luckily, regular exercise such as walks or playing fetch can keep your dog active and healthy.

Importance of Oral Hygiene

Keeping your dog’s teeth in good shape means more than just making sure they look good, it also keeps them healthy, too. Without regular dental care, your dog has a greater risk of gum disease, which can make it difficult for them to eat and if left untreated can lead to bacteria spreading to the liver and kidneys. Pet-friendly toothpaste, along with rawhide chews and certain dog treats can help create a complete oral care routine for your dog.

Keeping Your Dog Parasite Free

Both external and internal parasites can pose a risk to your dog’s health. Ticks and fleas can irritate your pet’s skin and spread diseases such as Lyme disease and tapeworms, while heartworms can pose a serious risk to their health. The good news is vaccines and preventative medicine are readily available and regular checkups at your local vet will help make sure your pet is healthy and parasite free.

Regular Checkups

One of the best and easiest ways to keep your dog healthy is with regular visits to your veterinarian. Vets provide your dog with vaccines to keep them healthy, can identify potential health issues and make dietary recommendations to make sure your dog is eating right. Your vet can also spay or neuter your dog, which can help prevent certain kinds of cancers like breast or testicular cancer in pets. 

Promoting Healthy Living

At Dog Day, Every Day! we believe in promoting a healthy lifestyle for our furry friends, that’s why we work hard to create a positive, active environment that promotes their well-being. We provide a wide range of services that cater to each dog’s unique needs. So enroll today or call us at 513-860-DOGS (3647).

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