5 Best Water Toys For Dogs

Posted by Dawn Donaldson

5 Best Water Toys For Dogs
As pet parents, there is nothing better than watching the joy on our pup’s face as he or she plays. And certainly nothing on TV is as funny as watching a pup who loves play with water learn to play with a new water toy. Looking to have a great time with your pup in your own backyard or at the pool this summer? Check out these five toys we know your pup will love.

Oscillating Sprinklers

Nothing fancy needed for this great time. Watch the fun your pup will have playing with a good oscillating sprinkler and water your lawn at the same time. Available at any hardware store (and even at larger grocery stores), just attach the sprinkler to the hose and prepare to laugh. Which way will the water go? Can he or she figure out how to get a drink without getting the rest of their body wet? Step up the challenge factor and toss his or her favorite ball in the mix. 

Aqua Kong

Great for the pool or lake, the Aqua Kong is a medium or large-sized dog’s best friend – aside from you, of course! It’s made of a foam core to keep the Aqua Kong afloat with a braided rope coming out of the end to make it easy to fetch and maneuver. Available in medium or large, the bright orange Aqua Kong, like other Kong toys, is made of durable rubber to handle even the roughest play. $13.99-$15.99

ZippyPaws Floaterz Duck Squeak Toy

Perfect for smaller dogs, the ZippyPaws duck squeak toy is a light-weight toy that floats and has two squeakers inside to make a sound your pup is sure to love. It’s Frisbee shape also makes it easy to toss to your pup, who can carry it back to you by gripping its sides or adorable ducky head. Finished with a Z-stitch to help the toy last longer, this is great fun in a baby pool, during bath time or as an outdoor-only toy. $8.99

BACOENG Outdoor Dog Pet Water Sprinkler 

Part toy, part drinking fountain, the BECOENG sprinkler is all fun. Connect your hose and as soon as your pup steps on the giant paw-shaped button, a gentle yet steady stream of water comes out, perfect for getting a drink or for playtime! Built with durability in mind, the sprinkler has a leak-proof copper valve and rubber friction pads to minimize movement when in use! $39.99

Matty’s Henry The Hydrant Water Sprinkler

This one is meant for kids, but all dogs love it. Shaped like a fire hydrant and made of hard plastic, Henry the Hydrant spays water up to 10-feet high and 16-feet wide and attaches easily to any standard hose. $19.99  

At Dog Day, Every Day!, we love water days at our West Chester, Ohio daycare. Instead of leaving your best friends at home while you work or run errands, enroll your pups today and let us have a great time playing our water games with them! While all of these toys are great ways to cool off this summer, we’d love to see video or photos of your dog playing with their summer toys. Share them with us on Facebook or Twitter!

Keep Your Dog Safe in the Summer Heat

Posted by Dawn Donaldson

keep your dog safe in summer heat

We’ve been looking forward to warmer weather for months, and now that it’s finally here, we’re ready to head outside for longer walks and plenty of playtime at the park with our furry friends. As dog owners, warmer weather does bring along its own set of challenges, so please take a few moments to “bone up” on how to best care for your best friend. And remember, never, ever leave your dog unattended in a parked car!


Having access to fresh water is a year-round labor of love for our furbabies, but hydration is even more important during warmer months. If you’re checking your dog’s water dish twice a day, we recommend upping this to three times a day when it’s warm. Odds are your pup loves ice, so adding a few ice cubes is a fun treat. In moderation, ice cubes aren’t dangerous for most dogs, but if you have an aggressive chewer whose teeth are sensitive or fragile, it’s best to give them crushed ice instead of cubes to avoid broken teeth. 

If you’re planning a day at the park, it’s a great idea to bring along a quart of bottled water that’s been previously frozen. The ice will melt during play time, and should be a perfectly refreshing temperature by the time they’re ready for it. 

We also recommend stashing a few portable water dishes in the car and next to your disposable bags when heading out for walks. This way you’ll be able to easily share your own water with your friend, and you’ll be ready when you pass drinking fountains.


It’s very important to check the temperature of the sidewalk before walking your dog. The temperature outside and the temperature of concrete and asphalt are two very different things. When it’s 77 degrees outside, concrete or asphalt could be as high as 127 degrees. We recommend placing your hands (not the palm side) on the concrete for 15 seconds before taking your dogs for a walk. If you can tolerate the temperature well, they should be fine, but keep your eyes on them. If your dog starts to hop, holds up a paw, or makes a beeline for grass, take a break and head home as soon as possible. Check out this article from PetMD for what to do if your dog’s paws do get burned. Also, try to include shaded areas into your favorite walking route.

Heat Stroke Signs in Dogs

Heat stroke is a very serious condition that can be fatal. If you notice your dog panting rapidly, drooling, vomiting and acting weak or unresponsive, please get him or her to the closet veterinarian. For more information about heat stroke in dogs, check out PetMD.

Frequent Grooming

Frequent grooming can absolutely help your best friend stay cooler in the summer. Even if you don’t want a fun, new hairstyle for your pup, frequent baths and brushing help remove his or her undercoat, which helps them stay cooler. At Dog Day, Every Day!, we offer Shed-Less treatments and packages as add-ons to our baths. Using our patented FURminator tool, we can reduce shedding up to 90 percent! These treatments remove excess hair so your pup is not only cooler, but sheds less around your home. We charge by the pound for our spa services to help save you money. Check out our website or call us at 513-860-DOGS for details. And don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest for more great tips. Happy summer!