5 Best Water Toys For Dogs

Posted by Dawn Donaldson

5 Best Water Toys For Dogs
As pet parents, there is nothing better than watching the joy on our pup’s face as he or she plays. And certainly nothing on TV is as funny as watching a pup who loves play with water learn to play with a new water toy. Looking to have a great time with your pup in your own backyard or at the pool this summer? Check out these five toys we know your pup will love.

Oscillating Sprinklers

Nothing fancy needed for this great time. Watch the fun your pup will have playing with a good oscillating sprinkler and water your lawn at the same time. Available at any hardware store (and even at larger grocery stores), just attach the sprinkler to the hose and prepare to laugh. Which way will the water go? Can he or she figure out how to get a drink without getting the rest of their body wet? Step up the challenge factor and toss his or her favorite ball in the mix. 

Aqua Kong

Great for the pool or lake, the Aqua Kong is a medium or large-sized dog’s best friend – aside from you, of course! It’s made of a foam core to keep the Aqua Kong afloat with a braided rope coming out of the end to make it easy to fetch and maneuver. Available in medium or large, the bright orange Aqua Kong, like other Kong toys, is made of durable rubber to handle even the roughest play. $13.99-$15.99

ZippyPaws Floaterz Duck Squeak Toy

Perfect for smaller dogs, the ZippyPaws duck squeak toy is a light-weight toy that floats and has two squeakers inside to make a sound your pup is sure to love. It’s Frisbee shape also makes it easy to toss to your pup, who can carry it back to you by gripping its sides or adorable ducky head. Finished with a Z-stitch to help the toy last longer, this is great fun in a baby pool, during bath time or as an outdoor-only toy. $8.99

BACOENG Outdoor Dog Pet Water Sprinkler 

Part toy, part drinking fountain, the BECOENG sprinkler is all fun. Connect your hose and as soon as your pup steps on the giant paw-shaped button, a gentle yet steady stream of water comes out, perfect for getting a drink or for playtime! Built with durability in mind, the sprinkler has a leak-proof copper valve and rubber friction pads to minimize movement when in use! $39.99

Matty’s Henry The Hydrant Water Sprinkler

This one is meant for kids, but all dogs love it. Shaped like a fire hydrant and made of hard plastic, Henry the Hydrant spays water up to 10-feet high and 16-feet wide and attaches easily to any standard hose. $19.99  

At Dog Day, Every Day!, we love water days at our West Chester, Ohio daycare. Instead of leaving your best friends at home while you work or run errands, enroll your pups today and let us have a great time playing our water games with them! While all of these toys are great ways to cool off this summer, we’d love to see video or photos of your dog playing with their summer toys. Share them with us on Facebook or Twitter!

Keep Your Dog Safe in the Summer Heat

Posted by Dawn Donaldson

keep your dog safe in summer heat

We’ve been looking forward to warmer weather for months, and now that it’s finally here, we’re ready to head outside for longer walks and plenty of playtime at the park with our furry friends. As dog owners, warmer weather does bring along its own set of challenges, so please take a few moments to “bone up” on how to best care for your best friend. And remember, never, ever leave your dog unattended in a parked car!


Having access to fresh water is a year-round labor of love for our furbabies, but hydration is even more important during warmer months. If you’re checking your dog’s water dish twice a day, we recommend upping this to three times a day when it’s warm. Odds are your pup loves ice, so adding a few ice cubes is a fun treat. In moderation, ice cubes aren’t dangerous for most dogs, but if you have an aggressive chewer whose teeth are sensitive or fragile, it’s best to give them crushed ice instead of cubes to avoid broken teeth. 

If you’re planning a day at the park, it’s a great idea to bring along a quart of bottled water that’s been previously frozen. The ice will melt during play time, and should be a perfectly refreshing temperature by the time they’re ready for it. 

We also recommend stashing a few portable water dishes in the car and next to your disposable bags when heading out for walks. This way you’ll be able to easily share your own water with your friend, and you’ll be ready when you pass drinking fountains.


It’s very important to check the temperature of the sidewalk before walking your dog. The temperature outside and the temperature of concrete and asphalt are two very different things. When it’s 77 degrees outside, concrete or asphalt could be as high as 127 degrees. We recommend placing your hands (not the palm side) on the concrete for 15 seconds before taking your dogs for a walk. If you can tolerate the temperature well, they should be fine, but keep your eyes on them. If your dog starts to hop, holds up a paw, or makes a beeline for grass, take a break and head home as soon as possible. Check out this article from PetMD for what to do if your dog’s paws do get burned. Also, try to include shaded areas into your favorite walking route.

Heat Stroke Signs in Dogs

Heat stroke is a very serious condition that can be fatal. If you notice your dog panting rapidly, drooling, vomiting and acting weak or unresponsive, please get him or her to the closet veterinarian. For more information about heat stroke in dogs, check out PetMD.

Frequent Grooming

Frequent grooming can absolutely help your best friend stay cooler in the summer. Even if you don’t want a fun, new hairstyle for your pup, frequent baths and brushing help remove his or her undercoat, which helps them stay cooler. At Dog Day, Every Day!, we offer Shed-Less treatments and packages as add-ons to our baths. Using our patented FURminator tool, we can reduce shedding up to 90 percent! These treatments remove excess hair so your pup is not only cooler, but sheds less around your home. We charge by the pound for our spa services to help save you money. Check out our website or call us at 513-860-DOGS for details. And don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest for more great tips. Happy summer!

We’re lucky to live, work and play in West Chester, Ohio. Our town is home to many great spots and is well-known for our love of dogs. But that doesn’t mean our furbabies are allowed to visit every business in town. Here are a few spots though where you and your pups are always welcome! 

Wiggly Field

If you’ve lived in West Chester a while, you probably know about Wiggly Field Dog Park in Voice of America MetroPark. This park is such a great spot for pups and their parents it’s also made a few all-Cincinnati lists as a great place for singles to get dates! Located near the Athletic Field Complex, Wiggly is actually two separate dog parks: one for smaller dogs and one for larger dogs, and both are fenced in. Packed with plenty of benches and shaded spots, the park’s attention to rules makes is part of what makes it great. Dogs must remain next to owners, but they don’t have to remain on a leash as long as the owner is carrying a leash. And other pet parents are likely to ask those with aggressive dogs to find another spot to play.

The Cone

The Cone is another West Chester institution that is a perfect spot for dogs. Located at the corner of Tylersville and Cincinnati-Dayton Rd., the Cone is so dog-friendly there’s even a giant plastic one on its roof. While technically rules are no dogs since it’s a restaurant, it’s tough to drive by and not see a few well-behaved pups and their parents enjoying some treats in its outdoor seating area. Some other restaurants with outdoor areas are often packed with pups as well, but in our experience, it can be hit or miss if that day’s staff or other patrons on the patios will tolerate your pup sitting next to you at your table.

Troy’s Café

Troy’s Café on Smith Road is another spot that always allows well-behaved pups in their outdoor seating area. Known for its amazing Cuban sandwich, Troy’s is a chef-driven spot that focuses on dishes made with seasonal, local ingredients. Run by Troy and his wife, Tania, the couple has created a restaurant that serves fresh, upscale-tasting food in a casual atmosphere. It’s also kid-friendly and has a great kid’s menu.

Lucky Dog Grille

Just down the road in Mason, Lucky Dog Grille absolutely allows your well-behaved pup to sit with you in its outdoor seating area. Known for its delicious dry rubbed, smoked wings and ample craft beers, this spot is a great option when you want a casual dinner or lunch. Serving everything from burgers and wraps to salads, tacos and even baked fish, everyone at your table can find something to enjoy.

Of course, you and your furbabies are always welcome at Dog Day, Every Day in West Chester! Please give us a call at 513-860-3647 to talk with us about your doggie daycare or grooming needs!

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We know you love your dogs, but you might not be a fan of how quickly they can destroy a toy. Whether it’s out of excitement, curiosity or over-playing with their new obsession, some dogs are natural power chewers. And while dog owners are thrilled when we bring something home our pups love, it’s normal to feel a ping of regret that the toy you spent money on is ruined within hours. Here are a few of our favorite indestructible dog toys.


Pet parents of power chewers probably already love the Nylabone line of nylon “bones,” but did you know they also make toys? Check out the Power Chew Double Action Chew Toy that is soft enough for carrying yet durable enough for chewing. Also, check out the Power Chew Double Action Ball and the Power Chew Dental Dinosaur for a little variety. All of these products freshen your pup’s breath and massage their gums. Talk a win/win/win!


Many manufacturers claim their toys are indestructible, but GoughNuts guarantees it. They’ve even built indicator lights into its toys that turn red if the toy becomes compromised. The toys are also easy to clean, float in water and are recyclable. The original GoughNut is shaped like, well, a doughnut (hence the name), but they also make sticks and balls.

Planet Dog

Another one of our favorite manufacturers, Planet Dog’s products are durable, eco-friendly and made in the USA. For power chewers though, its Orbee Tuff line is among the best. Its simple fetch ball, available in green or pink, is great for tossing or self-play in or out of the water. If you’re like us and not fans of stepping on dog toys in the dark, try its Luna ball, which glows in the dark. 


The folks who started Kong are also pet parents of power chewers so they understand what you need. While they don’t make fun balls or chew toys, the Kong Extreme line might just be what your pup needs. Its erratic bounce will throw your dog off a bit, which in our experience helps makes for a toy that keeps your pup’s interest longer.

Fluffy Paws

Your dog loves a squeaky toy, right? Problem is, they last about an hour. And you have to watch them closely because the pieces that actually squeak are a choking hazard. We feel your pain. When nothing but a squeaky toy will do, try Fluffy Paws Durable Bone-Shaped Toy. It lasts much longer than other squeakers, but that’s about the best you can hope for with this style of toy.

We hope this list of toys brings your pup happiness and exercise and saves you some stress. Those are our goals at Dog Day, Every Day, too! Please give us a call at 513-860-3647 to talk with us about your doggie daycare or grooming needs!

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Dog's Feet and Nails

This is the time of year everything begins to grow again! Your dog’s nails, however, have continued to grow all year long. In fact, they may have grown a bit longer over the winter if the weather prohibited or limited the number of dog walks the two of you were able to take. No worries though! The good news is that you can easily maintain your dogs’ nails – and paws – by following a few simple tips.

Inspecting your dog’s feet and nails 

Whether your dogs are mainly indoors or outdoors, their feet and nails can suffer some ill effects. Discomfort or pain from overgrown nails, broken or chipped nail tips, and scratches and cuts to their paws or toes are just some of the problems that could go unnoticed. Additionally, dogs can suffer frostbite in winter months and burns from hot pavement during the summer months. By regularly checking out your dogs’ feet for these and other problems, you’ll be able to quickly address them and keep Fido or Fifi healthy and happy.

Washing your dogs’ feet 

Keeping their feet clean is a good practice for a number of reasons, not the least of which is limiting the amount of dirt tracked into your home from outdoors! But also, keeping mud, rock salt, and other debris from collecting on or between dogs’ nails and toes will keep them from ingesting it (by licking their own feet) and eliminate any discomfort. A quick (but less effective) way to clean your pup’s feet is to use a dog wipe to wash and a paper towel to dry. The better way is to use a small bucket of warm water and dog shampoo, dip each foot, rinse and dry with a towel.

Grooming that includes nail trimming

Scheduling regular grooming by a professional dog groomer is the best way to ensure your pet not only looks her very best but also receives the attention she needs to details like nail trimming. While regularly walking your dogs helps to keep their nails worn down, trimming is necessary to make sure they don’t overgrow. Two problems can occur from overgrown nails: Possible pain and discomfort from long nails putting pressure on their toes, and the overgrowth of the “quick,” the blood vessel that supplies the nails with nutrients. When the quick overgrows, cutting nails can result in bleeding, injury or infection for your pet. Avoid these situations by having your dogs’ nails trimmed during monthly grooming.

Dog Day, Every Day's Pawdicures include not only nail trimming but the nails are also dremeled to a smooth finish, resulting in nails that are trimmed to the correct length without the jagged edges.

At Dog Day, Every Day! we believe in promoting a healthy lifestyle for our furry friends, which is why we work hard to create a positive, active environment that promotes their well-being. We provide a wide range of services that cater to each dog’s unique needs. So, enroll today or call us at 513-860-DOGS (3647).

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Shedding Some Light on Shedding

Posted by Dawn Donaldson

Shedding Some Light on Shedding

As the weather begins to turn warm and you and your dogs begin spending more time outdoors, you’re likely to notice that your furry best friend is beginning to shed. In fact, dogs shed more in the spring than at any other time of the year. Despite the mess that dog hair can cause your home, there are a few simple things you can do to help manage your pet’s shedding. As well, exploring some facts about why and when dogs shed may also prove to be useful in helping to understand the process and allowing you to better manage the amount of shedding that goes on in your home.

Why and When Dogs Shed

Shedding naturally occurs in most dogs as their body’s way of seasonally preparing their coat for the coming season. Because dogs don’t sweat the way that humans do, they need a lighter coat of hair in the summer months and a thicker coat in the winter season. That is why they tend to shed the most in spring for their lighter summer coat. Dogs also begin to shed again toward the end of summer – albeit less than in spring – to prepare for regrowth of a thicker coat for winter. Contrariwise, many breeds will shed gradually year-round. While it’s a natural process, it’s not very forgiving, especially when dog parents are trying to maintain a household that may include people with allergies to dog hair and dander.

What You Can Do

  • Choose Breeds Wisely - For those who are looking to adopt a new canine into their households, if shedding is a major concern for you, then you may consider choosing a breed that sheds little or not at all. A few breeds that offer little to no shedding include Poodles and Dachshunds, while Retrievers usually shed more throughout the year. 

  • Brush Them Often - Removing loose hair by brushing your dogs outdoors (if possible) will go a long way toward lessening the probability of pet hair and dander lingering around your household. As well, vacuuming dog beds and areas of the house where they spend the most time will help to relieve possible allergic reactions.

  • Bathe Them Regularly – Giving your dogs a bath regularly (no more than 2 to 3 times a month) is a great way to not only keep dog hair out of your home but also to give your pet-friends some needed attention plus keep them smelling fresh and looking healthy.

Let Dog Day help you keep shedding to a minimum in your home. Bathe and care for your dogs with the Dog Day full-service bath including a Shed-less Package. Our Shed-less Package combines our famous shed-less treatment along with 15 minutes of brushing using the patented FURminator tool, which can reduce shedding up to 90 percent.

At Dog Day, Every Day! we believe in promoting a healthy lifestyle for our furry friends, that’s why we work hard to create a positive, active environment that promotes their well-being. We provide a wide range of services that cater to each dog’s unique needs. So, enroll today or call us at 513-860-DOGS (3647).

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What Ingredients to Look for in Your Dog Food to Keep Your Pup Happy and Healthy

Different dogs have different nutritional needs, that’s why it’s important to find the right dog food to keep them healthy. But with so many different brands of dog food, finding the right one can be overwhelming. Because we believe in promoting a healthy life for our canine companions, we wanted to help with some great tips on what ingredients to look for in your dog food to keep your pup happy and healthy.

Check the Ingredients

Making sure your pet is eating well and getting the vitamins and nutrients they need is an important part in ensuring they lead a happy, active lifestyle. But how do we make sure what they’re eating has the right stuff? Knowing what to look for is important, but often the easiest place to start is looking at the list of ingredients. Companies are required to list the ingredients that go into their product, and with dog food, ingredients are listed by weight. This means heavier ingredients like proteins will be at the top, while nutrients and vitamins will be listed at the bottom.

What to Look For

Protein, vegetables, whole grains, fat and omega 3 fatty acids are all important parts of your dog’s diet, so it’s important to make sure they’re among the listed ingredients in your dog food. But how they’re listed is important too, so here’s what to look for to make sure your pup is getting quality ingredients.


Beef, lamb, and chicken provide amino acids that help dogs live happy, healthy lives. Do make sure to avoid anything with vague descriptions such as “meat,” as these likely from a low-quality source.

Whole Grains

Like humans, dogs’ bodies metabolize carbohydrates from grains and utilize them as a source of energy. True gluten allergies are rare in dogs, so make sure they’re included on the ingredients list.

Fruits and Vegetables

Fruits and vegetables are a great source of vitamins and antioxidants, so keep an eye out for ingredients like blueberries, pomegranate and tomato pomace. Pumpkin is also a great source to keep their digestive tract moving well. 

Omega 3 Fatty Acids

Omega 3 fatty acids are key for healthy skin and brain function. Look for salmon oil and flaxseed on the ingredients list.

If you’re having trouble deciding on the right food for your dog, researching different brands can provide the information you need. Company sites are a great way to find information on sourcing and quality control. But for expert advice, we recommend consulting with your local vet.

Eating and Living Well the Dog Day Way

At Dog Day, Every Day! we believe in promoting a healthy lifestyle for our furry friends, that’s why we work hard to create a positive, active environment that promotes their well-being. We provide a wide range of services that cater to each dog’s unique needs. So, enroll today or call us at 513-860-DOGS (3647).

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Medical Tips for Your Dog

Posted by Dawn Donaldson

Medical Tips for your dog

Our dogs are our best friends. Whether it’s greeting us when we come home after a long day or snuggling with us on the couch, they’re there for us. Here at Dog Day, Every Day! we believe that part of keeping our canine companions happy is to keep them in tip-top shape, that’s why we wanted to share these medical tips for your dog.

Healthy Living Starts with Eating Right

Did you know that one ounce of cheese fed to a 20-pound dog is the caloric equivalent of a person eating two hamburgers? That’s why it’s important your dog snacks smart and is given a balanced and nutritious diet. Eating well means more than just a shiny coat and healthy skin, it can also lead to a stronger immune system, a healthier digestive tract, and stronger joints and muscles. It can also help make sure your dog maintains a healthy weight.

Watching Their Weight

Your dog’s weight plays an important role in their well-being, so it’s important to make sure they stay within a healthy weight range. Over time, obesity can lead to a number of health issues for your pet including joint, heart, liver and respiratory disease. Luckily, regular exercise such as walks or playing fetch can keep your dog active and healthy.

Importance of Oral Hygiene

Keeping your dog’s teeth in good shape means more than just making sure they look good, it also keeps them healthy, too. Without regular dental care, your dog has a greater risk of gum disease, which can make it difficult for them to eat and if left untreated can lead to bacteria spreading to the liver and kidneys. Pet-friendly toothpaste, along with rawhide chews and certain dog treats can help create a complete oral care routine for your dog.

Keeping Your Dog Parasite Free

Both external and internal parasites can pose a risk to your dog’s health. Ticks and fleas can irritate your pet’s skin and spread diseases such as Lyme disease and tapeworms, while heartworms can pose a serious risk to their health. The good news is vaccines and preventative medicine are readily available and regular checkups at your local vet will help make sure your pet is healthy and parasite free.

Regular Checkups

One of the best and easiest ways to keep your dog healthy is with regular visits to your veterinarian. Vets provide your dog with vaccines to keep them healthy, can identify potential health issues and make dietary recommendations to make sure your dog is eating right. Your vet can also spay or neuter your dog, which can help prevent certain kinds of cancers like breast or testicular cancer in pets. 

Promoting Healthy Living

At Dog Day, Every Day! we believe in promoting a healthy lifestyle for our furry friends, that’s why we work hard to create a positive, active environment that promotes their well-being. We provide a wide range of services that cater to each dog’s unique needs. So enroll today or call us at 513-860-DOGS (3647).

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We want to keep our furry friends as healthy as possible. That’s why we make sure they get plenty of exercise, get regularly groomed and are eating right. But did you know that your dog’s oral health can impact their overall health, and that practicing good oral hygiene habits can have a positive impact on their well-being? So how often should you clean your dog’s teeth?

The Importance of Good Oral Hygiene

Without regular dental care, your dog has a greater risk of gum disease, which can make it difficult for them to eat. If left untreated can lead to bacteria spreading to the liver and kidneys. Other dental problems that can occur due to lack of proper oral care include:

  • Broken teeth and roots
  • Periodontal disease
  • Infected teeth
  • Plate defects

Luckily pet-friendly toothpaste, along with rawhide chews and certain dog treats can help create a complete oral care routine for your dog.

Healthy Teeth Begins with Brushing

So how often should you brush your dog’s teeth? The answer is as often as possible. Just like with humans, the most effective way to keep your dog’s teeth healthy is with regular brushing habits with a toothbrush and toothpaste. You can find a canine toothbrush at your local pet store and there are a variety of dog toothpastes to choose from, so you can find the one that’s right for you and your dog. Because developing a routine is important, here’s a few helpful steps to keeping your dog’s teeth healthy, shiny and clean.

Comfort Is Key

Because you don’t want to catch your dog by surprise and have them get defense, before you start brushing, make sure your dog is comfortable and at ease. 

Test the Toothpaste

Let your dog try the toothpaste. This will help you find out whether or not it’s the right one to use.

Try the Toothbrush

It may take some practice but it’s important to get your dog accustomed to the feeling of a toothbrush.

Ease into It

Start by brushing only a few teeth each day, gradually working up to more.

Positive Reinforcement

Reward your dog for being good with a treat or their favorite toy.

While it may take some practice and patience on your part before your dog is completely comfortable with having their teeth brushed, you’ll eventually get your dog accustomed to regular brushings.

Promoting Healthy Habits and Healthy Living

At Dog Day, Every Day! we believe in promoting a healthy lifestyle for our furry friends, that’s why we work hard to create a positive, active environment that promotes their well-being. We provide a wide range of services that cater to each dog’s unique needs. So enroll today or call us at 513-860-DOGS (3647).

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Fun Grooming Styles

Posted by Dawn Donaldson

Grooming your dog is an important part of keeping them healthy, but it can be fun, too. Finding a style that reflects your dog’s unique personality can seem difficult, but with so many options out there, it’s easier than you think. To help you find the cut that personifies your pet, here are a couple of fun grooming styles.

Avoid a Bad Hair Day

Nobody likes a bad hair day, so it’s important that when you’re choosing a new style, you find one that not only reflects your dog’s personality, but that style looks good, too. Because dogs vary in size and shape, they require different styles of grooming. Popular grooming styles include:

  • Retriever Cut

    This popular cut is great for curly haired dogs and keeps their coat short, about an inch in length.
  • Lamb Cut

    Hair on the body and head is trimmed short; perfect for warm summer months.
  • Poodle Cut

    Popular among dogs with a lot of fur, this cut keeps hair on the body short, while keeping it long around the top of the head and neck.
  • Kennel Cut

    This style keeps a dog’s fur the same length all over their body and is popular due to its low maintenance.

But what about a cut with a little bit more style and a lot more fun?

Try Something Fun

Rather than grooming your dog in the same style over and over, try breaking with your routine and trying something fun like:

  • Lion’s Mane

    Give your pooch the heart of a lion with a cut that keeps the hair on the half of your dog’s body long, for that trendy, king of the jungle look.
  • Top Knot

    This trend is popular with both people and dogs. This popular look will make your dog turn heads.
  • Mohawk

    While not everyone might be able to pull it off, your dog just might. Keep your dog rocking with this cool cut.
  • Updo

    This style works best on dogs with long hair, and has the added benefit of keeping hair out of their eyes.
  • Teddy Bear Cut

    This style keeps the hair around your dog’s face short while keeping the hair on the body long, for a cute and cuddly look.
  • The Magic Dragon

    Perfect for larger dogs, talk to your groomer about this colorful unique style.

These are just a some of the fun new styles you can try with your dog. Talk with your groomer about find a style that is best for you and your canine companion.

Talk to the Grooming Experts at Dog Day Every Day!

At Dog Day, Every Day! we’ve got the grooming experts to give your dog a cut that is cool and stylish. We provide a wide range of services that cater to each dog’s unique needs including spa treatments and doggy daycare. So, enroll your pet today or call us at 513-860-DOGS (3647) to schedule a grooming appointment.

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